Why Love ALL Beekeepers Big and Small?

Love A Bee has identified a very special group of beekeepers whose bee colonies have a diverse diet, are well-cared for and attended to with much tender loving care. Hives are monitored carefully, honey is extracted while leaving enough for the bees to eat. The result? A healthier and more resilient bee population. Bees that live longer and are able to pollinate vital food crops such as berries, oranges, and almonds among others.These beekeepers are ensuring a sustainable food supply, and are operating from a place of passion with very little profit but their work benefits us all. Long term, we need to make honey production more profitable, as some of our best beekeepers are experiencing difficulty in encouraging the next generation to carry on the craft.These are the beekeepers whose hives we want you to support.

Why Buy Honey from Love A Bee?

When you buy honey from Love A Bee, your honey is guaranteed 100% unadulterated, and authentic, sourced only from beekeepers using sustainable practices. You also know that your money will contribute to bees that are are likely to be healthier, more resilient, and live longer. Our beekeepers tirelessly check their colonies, ensuring that their bees have the conditions they need to thrive.