Some facts about US beekeeping

Store bought honey is most often priced as a commodity; some supermarket honeys are actually adulterated products from China

that have been doctored to taste like the real thing. 

Beekeeping is severely undervalued. US beekeepers are old and getting older and their children don’t see it as a vocation, because currently

the prices beekeepers get paid for their honey don’t reflect the true cost of producing the honey

Undervalued honey can be a contributor to more profitable, but less sustainable, beekeeping practices, and as a result Colony Collapse Disorder

and other diseases affecting bees is putting the whole US food supply at risk. The ultimate consequences of undervalued honey are life

without berries, avocados, almonds, oranges and so on..

Beekeepers who love their craft know how to keep bees so that they are less vulnerable to Colony Collapse Disorder and other diseases 

affecting bees  — they provide diversity of forage, they keep their bees well hydrated, and much more, depending on the season and the

type of forage.