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Our Holiday Collection is a special selection that we reserve for the Holiday season. This year, we are featuring Bodega Bay Blackberry, Tulare Twist, Hawaiian Floral, and our very own, Later Bloomer.

Click on our products below to learn about their individual flavor profiles, unique origins and suggested pairings. Let Love-A-Bee honey be the best gift underneath your tree this year!

Or, order a year round Buzz Bundle and receive or gift the best honey every season! Ships 4 times a year.

Holiday Honey Trio (3, 12 OZ Honeys)

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Holiday Honey Trio (3, 12 OZ Honeys)


Tulare Twist
Floral Source:
Orange Blossom
Origin: Tulare County, California
Color: Light Amber
Aroma: Fresh Jasmine
Taste: smooth & creamy with a delicate orange zest
Suggested Pairings: Goes great with nut butters such as Macadamia Nut or peanut for great honey sandwiches!

Hawaiian Floral
Floral Source: Ohi'a Lehua 
Origin: Hawaii (The Big Island)
Color: Light amber
Aroma: Honeysuckle
Taste: Floral & sweet
Suggested Pairings: Excellent to glaze ham or pork chops. Perfect to
spread over warm buttered biscuits.

Bodega Bay Blackberry
Floral Source: Blackberry Bramble
Origin: North Coast, California
Color: Medium Amber
Aroma: Warm Vanilla and ripened Currants
Taste: Bright & Sweet
Suggested Pairings: Drizzle over Vanilla ice-cream, fresh berries
and Greek yogurt. Great as a glaze for salmon.

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