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Holiday Duo (2, 12 OZ Honeys)


Holiday Duo (2, 12 OZ Honeys)


Bodega Bay Blackberry 
Floral Source: Blackberry Bramble
Origin: North Coast, California
Color: Medium Amber
Aroma: Warm Vanilla and ripened Currants
Taste: Bright & Sweet
Suggested Pairings: Drizzle over Vanilla ice cream, fresh berries and
Greek yogurt. Great as a glaze for salmon.

Star Thistle
Floral Source: Yellow-star thistle
Origin: Blue Mountain Foothills, Oregon
Color: Light amber
Aroma: Mild with soft notes of cinnamon and a long sweet finish
Taste: Green & sweet
Suggested Pairings: Perfect in English Breakfast tea, or try as a substitute
for frosting (warm and use a thin layer)

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