Edible Marin & Wine Country Magazine

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This vivid publication will explore the farmers, food artisans, and culinary wonders within our communities that make eating local food an everyday pleasure. The wine country has a wealth of food stories to tell, and edible Marin & Wine Country plans to tell them all.

The North Bay Area is aBUZZ about biodiversity and local foods! 

Check out the latest issue of edible Marin & Wine Country Magazine - The Bread and Honey Issue! 

It features a great article about honey tasting that highlights the nuances of our particular local breed of delicious honey. With enough experience, anyone can learn to taste the difference between commercially produced honeys and local, distinguished varietals -- and all the flavor notes in between!

Northern California gets it: Let your taste buds be a solution to what our bees and planet need -- more biodiversity! 

Eating seasonally is just as important as eating local -- and honey is always in season.

Make this issue a must for your Spring reading list!