Going Against The Flow: Is The Flow Hive a Good Idea?

I Keep Getting Questions about The Flow Hive. I have never laid eyed on one but what I am hearing is that it is just another longer short cut that disrupts the womb of the super organism.

February 26, 2015 | BeekeepingGardeningNatural Beekeeping | 134 Comments | Author : Kirsten Bradley

[...] "SAVE THE BEES. Because anything (like, anything) that has to do with bees, or that uses bees, is good for the bees. Right?
Actually, no. Not so much.
Bees want to build their own wax comb. It’s part of the bee superoganism. The wax is literally built from their bodies.
The comb is the bee’s home, their communication system (which doesn’t work nearly as well if it’s made from plastic rather than bee-drawn wax, as discussed in Tautz), and functions as a central organ.
The comb is the bee’s womb – it’s where they raise their brood. [...]