About Love A Bee

Love A Bee began life as an MBA Design project and has become a collaboration between us, the beekeepers we work with, and, if you care to join us, you. 

Love A  Bee came into existence because we have big dreams of a land of plenty, healthy bees to pollinate our natural world and recognition of the farmers that love and care for their bees with little profit. 

Delve into beekeeping even a little, and you will find that it is truly an art-form. Our very special beekeepers ensure that their bees have a diverse diet and are well hydrated. Their bees are healthier bees, and healthier bees make for a more sustainable food supply - not just honey, but many of the foods we take for granted, think cherries, strawberries, even avocados.  Good beekeeping nourishes, protects and secures our natural world.

We support our beekeepers in the best way we know - by curating their honey,
and making it available to you. Our honey is indeed unique because of our beekeepers, and the diverse taste profile inherent in forage from which the bees gather their nectar.

So, we welcome you to Love A Bee.

Enjoy wonderful honey.

Support our unsung heroes, the bees.

Support our beekeepers who nourish and protect them.

You will love our honey, I promise.



Louise Derrick, Love A Bee Founder and CEO.